2019 we have had the most fantastic wind season this year – it is just South Pacific Kitesurfing Goodness at its best here at Kitesurf Tonga.  We have been loving it and of course so have our guests. The whales turned up and most of our guests headed on out to have a whale encounter during their stay.  If you do come out to see us it is definitely a magical experience to see these magnificent creatures so close.

Growing stuff…

There was a lot of rain up until about 6 weeks ago so our gardens are flourishing!! Pumpkins, cabbages, limes, lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, eggplant, capsicums, chillies, corriander, basil, dill, mint, lemon grass, pele, chinese spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas. Its all growing here this year.  So exciting for us to be semi self sufficient, i would say it would take a lot of man hours to be self sufficient for the entire resort year around but we are doing pretty well.  Saying that there has been no rain in the last while and no rain in the forecast…eekkkk

Kitesurfing and stuff

Kitesurfing has been just epic. i have personally been out more times this year than any other, possibly because i like strong winds and very small kites hahahahha. There has been a lot of windy, cloudy and rainy days…and i was getting a little glum that there was no sun…but alas it has returned 🙂 We have had a few day trips to our favourite spot x and we even discovered a new spot x. And we had a great spot x day with 2 of our lovely guests that have been coming here since we first opened. Our very first guests! What an experience that was for us…and them..but they obviously enjoyed it as they have been back time and time again!

We cant stress enough how much we adore our repeat guests.  When they come back year after year it makes us feel like family and close friends are visiting. Fanifo Lofa is the sort of place that attracts people that want that family like feeling, to be a part of the whole adventure, rather than a guest who never meets the owners.  We will never sit back and watch others work at making our dream live on, we will always be a part of it.  It is what makes our place unique and i think that is what our repeat guests keep coming back for. Sorry i got a little nostalgic and emotional..i will try to refrain hahahahaha

Manta Rays

This year saw quite a bit of manta ray action down the southern end of Uoleva.  We got to swim with them a few times this year.  Not sure if its the warmer water temps bringing them this year, which were 2.5 degrees warmer than last year.  They seem to feed on the particles in the water in this particular spot at low tide.  It was pretty amazing to see how different they all look! Different colours, different shapes, wow! Unfortunately i didn’t get any pictures but one of our guests may send us a couple, fingers crossed 🙂

Best staff ever

Daniel joined us at the start of the season as our resident kitesurf instructor and did a fantastic job! Thank you Daniel for joining us for some South Pacific Kitesurfing Goodness!

Big shout out to Sam our amazing chef and Alesha his partner in crime.  Sam has kept our guests well fed and entertained.  He has a way about him that people love!  Alesha is just as fabulous with her hard work ethic and brilliant sense of humour.  These two have been absolute gold to have with us this year!

Paea is going strong, collecting coconuts for our guests most days and generally keeping this place ship shape.  He took over the watersports role and he is fantastic at it, very attentive and our guests love him.  Thank you Paea! He has started independently kitesurfing now and .  We are on the look out for a big kite 🙂

We also had the lovely Karin from Sweden join us for the last three weeks of the season. What a lovely amazing lady and we wish you all the best with your travels Karin.

Get in quick for next year

Bookings for 2020 have been coming in thick and fast, so if you are looking to come out and see us next year shoot us an email to reserve a spot! South Pacific Kitesurfing Goodness right here at Kitesurf Tonga. Watch this video for some inspiration https://vimeo.com/181726688 

Our best kitesurfing months here in Tonga is April through to November – the windiest months for the last 2 years have been April May and June so get into action and contact us now info@kitesurftonga.com