Its been 1 year & 8 months since we had international guests land on our island home in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga. And yes we are counting…counting the days the months the years until we see our international friends and family again.

Tonga seem to be lagging behind the world when it comes to thinking about the future of Tourism. Its scary for business owners like ourselves who rely on tourism. Its also frightening to know that we cant leave and come back. We cannot visit our friends and our families overseas and its really disheartening. HOWEVER we are not giving up hope that things will come back to semi normal…eventually. In the mean time what in hells bells are we thinking? WATCH our latest VLOG and check it out!

So after 1 year & 8 months dont hold it against us if we are going a little bat shit crazy and dressing up like rabbits!

For updates with regards to COVID and your holiday with us head over to our FAQs

Or give us a call…we are lonely and would love to hear from you!