Well its been over 12 months since our last guest left us in 2019 because of two reasons 1) we finished the season early last year 2) covid hit. What have we been doing in all this time? Have we gone insane being stranded on this little island called Uoleva in the middle of the South Pacific? Would you?

Iso activities

We haven’t gone insane as such but we have done a lot of gardening and some other activities because if we didn’t WE WOULD GO INSANE. I have finally made a VLOG of our time and instead of all those words i usually use…its not the greatest video and its not the shortest video but look its my first attempt okay! If you have been out to see us or you know us you will find it interesting and will probably watch the whole thing. However, if you do not know us and have not been here i am guessing you might tune out somewhere in the garden excerpt because it is a little long. For those of you that know me and all about my fear of back rolls there is a little surprise towards the end. Please watch the VLOG that i made for you here

Enjoy our pictures! Oh and one other little video extravaganza that you might be amused by is this video

Both of us would love to see you guys soon because we love you all. Guess What? there is still some space left in the first part of 2021 season so if you are keen on getting away come and join us next year. All the country’s tourism operators are ever hopeful that the borders will be open! If we need to do another 12 months with no one we will be a bit bat shit crazy hahahahaha