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Located in the Kingdom of Tonga on Uoleva Island in the Ha’apai group. 

About Us

Welcome to ‘Fanifo Lofa’ – this is Tongan and means ‘Surf Kite’! We truly believe these two little words, whether it be said in English or Tongan or any other other language, should tell the world what we are all about! This is what we will call our new home :: Kitesurf Tonga

Our love for the water and background in conservation has made this our life long dream. We share a huge passion in life and love the ocean. Together we have searched for a very long time through the South Pacific to find the ultimate watersports destination that includes fantastic smooth wind, some waves & butter flat water with the luxury of kitesurfing & winging on your doorstep.

Kitesurf Tonga’s location will give you the ability to be on the water as soon as you wake up! There will be no endless long boat or car rides to reach your kitesurfing destination so you will not miss out on those precious windy minutes. Kitesurf Tonga can offer not only an amazing South Pacific kitesurfing destination plus small quaint accommodation and an all inclusive package. You will hear the wind rustling through the leaves each morning and the waves washing gently onto the shore. Don’t forget there will also be the breathtaking sightings of whales from your fales.

Our Location

Kitesurf Tonga are located in the Kingdom of Tonga on Uoleva Island in the Ha’apai group. Situated just south of Lifuka, Uoleva is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Tongan group. We are located on the Western side of Uoleva, 300m from the Northern tip of the island, closest to Lifuka. The kitesurfing lagoon is found on the Eastern side of the island.

Of Ha’apai’s 62 islands, 45 are uninhabited, which allows visitors to feel that raw beauty that is uninterrupted by crowds of people. There are a couple of volcano’s, Kao and Tofua, included in this beautiful South Pacific island chain that you can see from Uoleva. On a really clear day you can see Tofua still smoking! Uoleva Island has only 4 permanent inhabitants and we have found a tropical ocean paradise bound to be loved by all. Most visitors to Ha’apai stay within the Lifuka group of islands, found along the eastern barrier reef of Ha’apai, which is where you will find Uoleva. Lifuka Island, with its main town Pangai, is where the airport and main inter-island ferry port are located.

Swim with us in paradise now!

More info

To get to Uoleva island fly to Tonga, then a domestic flight to Ha’apai  and we can organise you a transfer from the domestic airport to our resort. 

How to Get to Uoleva Island

Firstly you need to get an international flight to Nuku’alofa, Tonga. See below for international flight options available. Please note these are subject to change so its best to check with each airline.

Air New Zealand
From Australia to Tonga: 4 days a week flights to and from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to Tonga via Auckland.

From New Zealand to Tonga: Six flights per week to Tonga.

From UK/Europe: Daily flights from London to Auckland via Los Angeles, alternatively connecting flights via Hong Kong to Auckland connecting to Tonga five times per week.

From USA to Tonga: Daily flights from Los Angeles to Auckland connecting to Tonga six times a week.

From Australia to Tonga: Two flights per week from Sydney to Tonga.

From Australia to Tonga: Two flights per week from Sydney to Nadi with connecting flights to Tonga.

Fiji Airways
From USA to Fiji: Six flights a week from Honolulu to Fiji and LA to Fiji.

From Fiji to Tonga: 6 flights per week to Tonga.

Getting from Nuku’alofa to Lifuka, Ha’apai you can fly or you can catch a ferry.

Lulutai is the Kingdom’s national domestic carrier with flights Tongatapu to Ha’apai once daily. Please note it is always best to check with the airline as they are known for changing their schedules.

Most of the Island groups are serviced by inter island ferries, these are mainly used by the Tongan people as an affordable means of transport. Visitors to Tonga can also travel on these ferries, most of which depart from Queen Salote Wharf in Nuku’alofa. Tickets are generally sold on board and also note there are no sailings on Sundays.

Getting from Lifuka, Ha’apai to our resort on Uoleva we can arrange a transfer by car & boat.

Eco Resort Uoleva

Our primary focus is on socially responsible travel, personal growth, and environmental sustainability. We understand that the local flora, fauna and cultural heritage will be the primary attraction for our tourists. We want to offer visitors insight into the impact of human beings on the environment, and to foster a greater appreciation of Tonga’s natural habitats.

We primarily use solar energy for our accommodation. All our fales and dwelling are made entirely of timber to create a low impact and to be as ecologically sound as possible. We have created composting toilets instead of septic tanks. Through research and understanding the environment we know that composting toilets have less impact to the land than a septic tank which can leak and spoil the richness and beauty of the land. An integral part of the tourism we will offer is the promotion of recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation and creation of economic opportunities for the Tongan local community. We want to improve awareness, sensitize them to environmental issues, and care about Tonga’s local environment.