Head on over to our latest VLOG where you will find a Kitesurf Tonga Update.

I did forget to mention that we have a new fancy boat. We were very lucky to grab it late last year and we are super stoked to be able to share it with you guys when the border opens. So hurry up border!!

Keep loving our website by the way and if you have any questions about your up and coming stay please visit our FAQs page as it should answer most of your queries, if not drop us a line. We are pretty lonely here on our remote island getaway so would love to hear from you….about anything hehehehehe

Yoga and Tinkerbell

Here are some pics to keep you amused also – most of them are of food and well…what can i say thats all i have really been doing for the last two years is cooking hahahahahahaha. Other odd things i have been doing – I have taken up 20 minutes of yoga every morning since May 2021 and its done my back wonders. I could barely move for a bit there and now i start my day everyday with yoga and its a miracle! I was never going to be a yogi and now i love it. However Tinkerbell thinks that when the yoga matt comes out she needs to lie on it. We battle over room on the matt. ARGHHH its annoying but also damn cute.

Degustation Night in Nukualofa

Ummm i am not sure why i bothered doing the VLOG as i hardly included any information in there lol. Last year i was asked by a restaurant in Nukualofa to come down and train their staff on baking cakes and other items for a week. I was then asked to assist with their Degustation night. I created menu items, worked on them at home and then went to Nukualofa for another week and worked with the team at the Waterfront to deliver the degustation menu.

What an experience creating a menu, cooking in a commercial kitchen, training kitchen staff, cooking for 60 people when i only taught myself how to cook 8 years ago! Never before that had i baked a cake or had any idea what i was doing in a kitchen. I feel very honoured and humbled that i was asked. I must be doing something right! Yay 🙂 So sorry about the Kitesurf Tonga Update not really updating you! If i think of anything else i will type it hahahahaha…

Facebook and Instagram Stories

Something else that i should mention as it meant the world to me….i started recently, well last year i should say, facebook and instagram stories online. I do it to keep myself busy really, not because i love myself hahahahaha..anyway i have been mostly putting up cooking stories and stories about our lives here at Kitesurf Tonga. I have gathered a few followers who are just lovely, i love it when they message me and have a chat. They are from all over the place and i love meeting them.

One such fabulous person from Townsville Australia is an absolute gem and one day out of the blue sent me the biggest care package ever. I must say i have never received a care package in the post before…but this was CRAZY AMAZING! The stuff she sent was absolutely out of this world mind blowingly fantastic. I am still getting through it all. The kindness that this person showed to me i will never ever forget. So thoughtful! Thankyou again Katie xxxx

Did everyone get to see our Bee video on you tube we did last year? Check it out!

Also did you see our Easter advertising special – we made a little video

People keep telling us to start YouTube videos to earn some extra cash…i tried it last year and no one ever watches the videos so i stopped making them hahahahahaha

Okay thats it, im done….for now. In the mean time please use your jedi mind powers to get our borders open so we can join the rest of the world! Love and Hugs xx

80 cake
80 cake

Kitesurf Tonga Update