Snorkeling & Diving

Snorkeling & Diving

The clear aqua coloured water and bomby reefs provide a beautiful living area for many species of marine life. The shallow water surrounding Uoleva Island makes it an effortless & breathtaking experience. Bring a snorkel and mask and experience the underwater world right at your doorstep. Take a few steps from your fale and you will find some beautiful snorkeling, one of the most amazing activities in Tonga.


If you would like to go Scuba Diving in Ha’apai, we can book a diving trip for you with one of the local dive operators.

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Whale Encounters

Humpback whales can be seen frolicking off the shores of Uoleva Island from mid July through to mid  October, they can even be seen sometimes as early as June! They travel to Tonga every year for 4 months to mate, give birth and nurse their young.  Haápai has plenty of whales and fewer whale operators so you are often spoilt with the experience on offer.  Please note that we do not guarantee swimming, this is always dependent on the whales.  The Humpback Whales in Tonga are wild animals and we adopt the approach of sitting 2 – 300m away from the whales and observe.  If they show that they are inquisitive or signs that they are happy with our presence only then we will approach them in water.

Our whale boat is one of the most comfortable you will find in Tonga and we are licensed and meet all survey requirements along with qualified skipper and whale guide.  Enquire with Kitesurf Tonga if you would like to organise for a whale encounter trip and we can book this for you. Please note these encounters get booked out early.

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SUP & Kayak

Kayaks are available at Kitesurf Tonga free of charge. You can paddle around to the nearby uninhabited islands or simply go for a paddle in the exquisite lagoon on the other side of Uoleva Island. 

Stand Up Paddleboards will be available free of charge so that you can experience the beauty of the surrounding calm water in style.

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Offgrid Island Tours

Being on a remote island we are completley off grid. We generate our own power for day to day living, we grow our own food and we created our own compost toilet systems!

Come and join us on a tour and learn a bit more about how we use a combination of solar power and wind power for all our power needs. 

Have some fun and learn how to set up your own hydroponics or make your own compost!


Offgrid to us means:

• No ongoing power bills or connection fees
• Protection from rising power prices
• Independent and sustainable electricity
• The equipment you pay for, you own
• A green and renewable source of electricity

·         Fresh vegetables year round

·         Freedom

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Once you have entered the realm of Tonga you will be amongst fellow travellers and locals where everything happens on “Island time”. No one in Ha’apai is in a rush….no one wears a watch….Relax in a hammock…relax on the beach…relax in your fale…I think you are getting the point….

Once you are on Uoleva Island you can just soak it all up. Take in the beautiful scenery, the beautiful rhythmical sound of the waves, the wind blowing in the trees.

Relaxation is easy at Kitesurf Tonga, its like another world.

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