Howdy World! Welcome to another Kitesurf Tonga blog, before we chat about woodwork kiting and more… its only been 6 months since the last one, eeek! Glen and i went on holidays for 3 months in the off season so the blog is late 😉 For those of you wondering we went to South America. Our plans got changed a bit whilst we were away and we ended up visiting Chile, Argentina, America, Thailand and Oz. We are already making plans for the next holiday as our lovely housesitters want to come back for a 3rd time. I think they love it 🙂 We love that they love it hahahahhahaha,

We opened a little late this year, April 10th with our first guests arriving to some fabulous wind. The wind has basically blown since then and has only stopped for 3 days…we had no guests for those 3 days hahahaha so no one missed out 🙂 We are looking forward to a nice windy season. For those of you that havent seen our video for Kitesurf Tonga check it out KITESURF TONGA VIDEO

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