The news of Cyclone Ian, category five cyclone,  last week was very frightening.

We waited a few days to hear from our friends in Ha’apai which was so scarey. We were so pleased when we heard from them and that they were all safe.  The eye of the storm passed over our little island a few times and it is amazing that only one life was lost in total.  Most buildings are no longer standing on Lifuka, Foa and Uoleva 🙁

Glen is heading over to Ha’apai this Friday and is taking some provisions for our friends who have been left with nothing.  They lost their homes and their businesses.  He has been graciously given some free luggage allowance by Air New Zealand so that he can take items such as tents, rope, food and some solar units.  Everybody that has donated something for Glen to take over, we really appreciate it and we know our friends will too. So a big big Thank you!

Despite natures recent devastation from Cyclone Ian we are still heading out to Uoleva Island, Ha’apai, Kingdom of  Tonga to build Fanifo Lofa and have started packing up our first shipping container.  We have packed all the items we wont see or need for up to a year.  We have another two container loads to pack up before we leave and are madly scrambling around working out how much space in m3 everything takes up 🙂  We will keep you updated with our journey to build a top South Pacific kitesurfing destination in Tonga.

If anyone has any other ideas of items Glen can take to Tonga this trip let us know!

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