Wow what a season we have had this year!!! 2017 South Pacific Kitesurfing at its best! My goodness we were so busy and the kitesurfing was outstanding.

Guests & South Pacific Kitesurfing

What friends we made this year πŸ™‚ some of you have already booked back in for 2018 which is fantastic!!! We had a blast with some of the guests this year….special shout out for the golfing evening out the front of the family fale hahahahahaha that was extra special πŸ™‚ We had a lot of fun and games and quite a bit of kiting! The lagoon was going off this year with those SE just hammering in and guests and staff alike enjoyed themselves.


We could not have done it this year without our amazing staff. We had Easton and Amy as our brilliant kitesurfing/watersports assistants and Jeremy as our fabulous chef. These 3 individuals really made our year….they were all last minute arrivals and for that and all your hard work we give all three of you a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts and you guys will always be welcome back at Kitesurf Tonga πŸ™‚ For the last 6 weeks we had Ed and Atsuko join us from Ireland and Japan – Thanks a million to you two also! Ed was amazing around those gardens and Atsuko kept those rooms spic and span πŸ™‚

We are currently hiring kitesurfing asissants for our 2018 season. We are taking applications for our chef role and watersports/labourer role. If you are interested come and join us for South Pacific Kitesurfing – email us

The work must go on

We finished up with some of our favourite guests this year πŸ™‚ Simon and Tracey – we started the season with Simon and Tracey and they came back and we ended the season with them! Woohooo πŸ™‚ Once they left, Glen and all the staff left too. I was left here on my lonesome to get on with it. Toughen up cupcake πŸ™‚ I took the opportunity to clean the entire house out of all the junk we had collected. I mean we had old inverters and all sorts of crap sitting in our bookcase. It hadn’t been sorted since we moved in. So glen being away i thought i would get rid of it once and for all hehehehehehe…took me a day just to do our wardrobe and bookshelf…a DAY! hahahahaha in all fairness it was a rainy day so i thought that i would start preparing all the linen for storage. In the summer because our white sheets don’t get used i have to wrap each sheet separately in acid free tissue paper so they stay pristine πŸ™‚ This takes awhile but is well worth it when the season starts again. Once that was done i moved onto our clothes, refolded, rehung and resorted. Ahhhhhhh i can see the floor! Amazing! The bookshelf has a life of its own…its where we store not only books but the most odd assortment of CRAP!!! hahahahaha electronics is a big one…stuff we think we might use in the future…but haven’t…a load of hard drives …a load of mobile phones….so i have sorted it all and its now in some kind of order. I have finally got our photo frames out of hiding and put up some photos…feels a bit more homely. The reason none of this is out in the first place is because we still haven’t decorated the house. Our walls are just the timber framing….still….anyway i don’t care anymore photos and pictures are up! Looks much nicer. I also did the bathroom, living room – rearranged the lounge (the cat loves it) and finally sorted all five boxes of our massive first aid supplies. Its all categorised and sorted in case of emergencies.

Once i had cleaned the house and sorted all the crap out it was time to rewire the lighting in the roof. Yes thats right…. it needed redoing. I had to use all the connecting existing wire so i couldn’t take this out, i could only remove the old lights. What a time of it i had…holy shit. You would think it was straight forward …but what a task. It took 4 half days to finish it. Some of the lights weren’t working, like they were new for goodness sakes and you wouldn’t think that they were already faulty…some of the connectors at the end of the modules weren’t producing enough oomph to light up the next set of modules. Seriously….all i wanted to do was connect the pieces…the ladder was very difficult to manoeuvre around also. Anyway lets stop whinging about it…i did it…i am a genius. I will leave it there πŸ™‚

The lawns are another job i have to do…i have mowed them once already – the 3 day task that i have found is quite enjoyable with music! I grabbed my headphones and off i went..dancing around mowing the lawn. If anyone saw me they would probably have me committed πŸ™‚ singing and dancing whilst mowing the lawns…what sight! 6 days later the lawns needed mowing again because we have had so much rain.. so i have started again. The whipper snipper also came out to play. I haven’t started it before and i thought it would be stubborn…but alas no! it started first go! woohoo what a treat hehehehehehe…i cut the grass in the vege patch and then proceeded to smash a glass bottle that was lining the beds and got a little piece in my eye…nice…it came out don’t you worry…and then i got stung 3 x on the nose by those pesky yellow wasps that seem to like this time of year. That wasn’t the first time or the last…in 5 days i got stung 5 times…they are everywhere. I went on a spraying mission after that to kill any of them in the fales…only found 2 nests which was surprising. I guess they are all making their homes outside ;p

Being here on my own has its advantages…i can eat what i want (okay i can’t have cheese, takeaway, ice cream or anything of the like) but its still nice. I made lamb shank korma yesterday and wowser…what a treat! I have been getting quite creative with papaya too. Amazing what you can cook with papaya…i have at least 5 a day to collect from the trees which is becoming a bit of an issue…i think it might be time for papaya jam πŸ™‚ although jenga and tinks seem to like papaya so that is a bonus. Jenga has learnt to go fishing..he is fully submerging himself in the water which is very amusing to watch. Tinks isn’t quite that far along with her swimming lessons but she is getting there. They have been great company. The boats are out of the water for cyclone season so i can’t go anywhere but not a big deal. Kitesurfing has been friggin amazing in the last few weeks so that has kept me occupied too. I have been going out kitesurfing in the rain too…always exciting and a little bit painful on the face when the rain is driving in hahahaha

So until next year everyone have an amazing xmas break and HAPPY NEW YEAR πŸ™‚

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