Visiting Tonga is a must do for all individuals and groups! We have just begun our 2017 kitesurfing season and we cannot wait to meet all the new adventurers who take on Tonga this year and reunite with all our old friends who have come in previous years.

Our adventures in Tonga for the last two months have been keeping us busy! We have built a new roof over the outdoor deck of the common fale…and a lovely Woofer put some lights in the roof looks amazing! We finished off oiling all the fales inside and out. We built a new boat and got it up and running. We cleared out the veg garden and got it up and running. We are ready!!

Bees….bees….bees….well what can i say?? we opened up fale 2 and began to clean…i must have gone into that fale about 5 times before i realised there was a gigantic bees hive up in the bathroom roof. OMG thousands of bees. What can you do….you don’t want to kill bees this day and age so we called our local bee keeper LOL…Magda from Mariners keeps bees so she is the local bee expert. We got her over which was only her 2nd visit to our resort in 3 years!!! anyway….she got dressed up in her little outfit….it was stinking hot too but she looked the part and was safe. In she went, simply cut the hive off the beam in the roof and the bees all followed the hive and into the bucket they went. The bucket was carried up the beach and deposited in the bush in the hope that the bees would stay in their new location. Within 2 days the bees had returned to fale 2….magda said we obviously didn’t get the Queen….my response was ‘i did see a bee getting around with a tiara on and a little skirt…’ hahahahahahah okay so by the time magda returned two weeks later the bees had made a new hive almost as big as the previous one. She relocated them to pangai this time and they didn’t come back. Thank goodness for our local bee keepers hey! hahahahaha

Glen has set some new fires….i am not sure if many of you know about glens ability to set the strangest things on fire. The first and scariest was the oven back in 2015 Glen put some oil in a pan to heat up in the oven in the house. He then proceeded to then walk to the other side of the resort closing fale windows as it looked to be about to rain. I could see smoke coming out of the oven sometime later and yelled out your oil is really hot!!! He was half way back…i opened the oven and low and behold there were massive flames coming out! I turned the gas off….left the oven open (derrrrrrr) and then yelled at glen. Glen quickly closed the oven door. (yes i panicked like a rookie okay…) and then he got a tea towel and yanked the hot oil tray which was flaming high out of the oven and turfed it over the deck. He then came back to the oven and put out the rest of the fire…the seals around the oven were on fire still…put those all out and inspected the oven for damage. Just so you know we kept using that oven for quite some time until a ball of flame shot out at glens legs one night when he was making pizza for about 5 people i recall it being October 2015 when Suzie and James were visiting us and some random backpacker also. Anyway we realised that the gas pipe had a big split in it and the oven was no longer safe. We bought a new one 🙂 And put it down to a learning experience…i learnt to deal with an oven fire and glen learnt not to set the oven on fire again 🙂

mmmmmm next fire was glen installing the LED lights in the fales. How on earth anyone can set fire to electrical wires on a solar battery that size is beyond me. Glen managed to set them on fire and the cables melted onto his skin….not too much of a drama but another learning experience for Mr Duncan about positive negative and which goes with which lol 🙂

Righty an oldie but a goodie is next! Glen was flushing a recently sunk engine with petrol to try and revive it after its little swim in the ocean. He was pulling the rip cord over and over and made a joke to Boti (2015) that wouldn’t it be funny if the engine started on one of the pulls…next minute glen pulls and the entire engine is flaming high…it was huge…not that i could see it mind you as i was in the house…glen and boti quickly went about putting the fire out as it was dangerously close to setting all our petrol on fire in the man cave. So after they had just spent an hour flushing out the engine they doused it in water…all the electricals were burnt out and it was no longer repairable without certain parts. What a fire!!!! Moral of this one was that Glen learnt to remove all bits that make a spark ..especially in Tonga lol

The latest and greatest of glens pyro mania was over on pangai when he was rushing to fibreglass the bottom of the boat so it would dry quickly so he could return to uoleva. He put a bit more hardener into the resin than normal…he started brushing it on rather quickly so it didn’t harden straight away however he heard some sizzling noises and then smoke…and then of course flame…the stuff had caught on fire. Well well well…DONT DO THAT AGAIN EH!

hahahahahaa i make fun of glen about setting things on fire…but he really is the most amazing creative intelligent human i have met yet 🙂 We wouldn’t be in Tonga today without him.

Right back to Kitesurf Tonga….and kiting in the South Pacific….ummmm the wind is seriously pumping at the moment and would you believe there is no one here to enjoy it 🙂 May is a quiet month this year so we have been experiencing amazing kitesurfing conditions here on uoleva like 30 plus knots and i have been solo kiting up in the lagoon 🙂 I have been up for several sunrise kiting sessions and let me tell you there is no better way to start the day. Wow! what a sky!!! I am off again this morning as i am awake at 5am. Its blowing about 28knots and a little chilly for me hehehehehe…

We have some new staff that have just arrived so looking forward to introducing them to everyone! We have our chef and our watersports assistant WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

We are quite full this year with only a few dates left available, so if you still want that winter holiday get on out here and visit Kitesurf Tonga today!