Wow we have had some amazing wind so far this season! May was windy June has been amazing and July has been super also – averaging about 20knots daily. We have had loads of fun in the lagoon so far this season and its only just beginning! Kitesurfing in this country is truly something we will never take for granted. It is kitesurfing heaven here in Tonga heaven


There has been the usual ups and downs and excitement as per usual here at Kitesurf Tonga….we have had a change in staff many times already… unfortunately things just didn’t work out with the people we hired last year. I had taken over the cooking for awhile but that will be changing very shortly with a very talented chef Jeremy who has made it us by mid July phew 🙂 hehehehehe and Easton has been here doing the watersports role. Amy has just joined us also mid July and will stay on for a bit when Easton leaves. Easton and Amy joined us as guests last April 2016 and then house sat for us in December Jan 2017. They are full of energy and love kiting just as much as our guests so we are in for some fun with these two. When Amy leaves we will have Edward out to stay with us with his friend from Japan. Edward will take over the watersports role and his friend will help out with the cleaning. Win Win all round! Easton has been putting Glen and I to the test with his Muay Thai training each morning.  What a n amazing individual Easton is!!! He has introduced me into the world of punching things lol…what a rush at 6.30am although I am not sure the guests being woken up at that hour agree 🙂 Big huge thank you to Easton though for getting us up and motivated!! We will miss you when you go!


We are now down to 1 full time dog here in Tonga….Jenga and one part time dog…Raine. Jenga is loving the sole pet thing let me tell you. He is being the biggest sook ever and loves jumping in the bean bags on the common fale deck. I think we will have to kick him out very soon as guests might want to use them 🙂 I want to teach Jenga about kitesurfing this season…I would like to get him up and riding if possible. Does anyone have any tips about getting him to stay on the board? Feel free to send them through to us 🙂 A very talented dog behaviourist joined us again this year and we learnt a lot from him. Flip you are a star and Jenga is responding well to his training. Thank you for your help!!!


Our Tonga garden is getting a bit of attention this year finally! We have lettuce, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, papaya, pumpkin, rocket, coriander all trying to grow 🙂 hahahahahaha we have used our old beer bottles as the markers for all the beds. They are quite useful as they don’t rott like the coconut logs that i was previously using 🙂 It all looks good and they are liking the well water which is good for us. It hasn’t rained in awhile now so drinking water is looking a little low. Fingers crossed in rains in the next week or so or else we will be heading to lifuka to get rain water from their tanks.


OMG so i had to just mark this occasion again in the blog…the chef arrived mid July….you are all in for an amazing treat! what a gift from tonga heaven. WOW is all i can say…that is what a chef can do. He is amazing…the food is spectacular and the presentation is outstanding – its like a 5 star restaurant!!! Im so happy that we had all the ups and downs with the chefs this year because otherwise we would have never found Jeremy. Jeremy is also a very lovely fellow. You will all be very happy to meet him and to eat his fabulous food. YAY Kitesurf Tonga you did it! lol


We just had a group from all corners of the globe and may i say we were like a family for the last two weeks….everyone gelled with each other so well it was like we had known each other for years. You guys know who you are and we miss you muchly 🙂 We learnt about bread sticks roasted on the fire, golfing & darts on a non wind day,fire poi….now wasn’t that special lol 🙂 Glens fringe all but burnt away but it was a very fun evening. If there are any peeps who are visiting us this year that know the fire poi do let us know so you can teach us to not burn our hair 😛

Kitesurfing in Tonga Heaven

The wind has been outstanding so far this season and some of the best kitesurfing in Tonga and the world that I have had! We have discovered the favourite spot in the lagoon for kitesurfing in a southerly.  OMG the water is super flat and the waves just peel through!!! We have also spent some time down the southern end of uoleva kitesurfing amongst the beautiful crystal clear waters and amazing colours~!! Easton has been going crazy with learning all sorts of tricks.  He has pretty much mastered the backroll kiteloop however he does it so powered up that he looks like super man flying on by! It is so amazing to watch 🙂 WE have had a few sexy grooovers through who have been strutting their stuff with dark slides 🙂 You have to admit it is an old school move (called the can opener way back when according to our VIP guest Tom ) but it is the sexiest kite move out there.  Not everyone can pull it off but by lord it is amusing to watch if they don’t get it 😛


Glen….okay what have we had so far this year….well I think the best one so far for Glen was dislocating his shoulder putting his wetsuit on…and then telling me in no uncertain terms that he is going out anyway.  Easton and a guest put it back in for him and then finished dressing him and he went out for a kite…men…

Easton ….. two worth mentioning…broken rib whilst doing a backroll in the lagoon…ummmmm OUCH! I think that was in the first 10 days of Easton being with us 🙂 Number 2 was an urchin attacking Easton and depositing many spines in his hand lol 🙂

Karen …. nil

Amy…. nil


Guests …… ummmm no one ever seems to hurt themselves except the boys…namely glen but Easton has made it onto the tally board!


We have another staff fale completed with a queen bed this time…so now we are equipped to have 4 staff staying on site at any one time.  Although we usually only have 2 staff during the season we can now accommodate couples etc 🙂 The fale is very cute made out of coconut wood and we will put a collection point for rain water on there too so they have that nice and close.

We are also putting cedar around the bottom of the showers instead of the silly broken cracked tiles. Looks amazing!!!!

Boats…my goodness where do I even start with the debaucle of engines this year….okay you know what? I wont share that as it is a bit depressing….lets just say we finally now have our big boat “lady louise” and our small boat “unhook” and they are all painted up nice and pretty, radios fitted out, good amount of horsepower on the back for day trips and rescues!

Stay tuned for more blogs throughout the year from our lovely getaway here in Tonga heaven and we look forward to seeing you all soon!! Would you believe bookings have started to come in for 2018???? Brilliant!
Kaz & Glen