Sorry about the wait folks! Alot has happened since the last blog in December last year. This Summer have had a major cyclone, bees swarming, a new building has been built and now COVID 19 is happening! Lets start by saying that this summer has been so humid – hot and sticky…yucko! Glen and I have been working on some projects to keep busy, as you do in low season.

Cyclones during Summer

Cyclone Tino hit us in December and we lost 5m of land out the front and had waves throughout the resort. The lawns afterward were no longer grass but inches of sand with random dead fish everywhere. The pictures tell a thousand words. I think we spent about 4 weeks getting all the sand out of the fales, cleaning the grounds, putting the kite shed back together, clearing fallen trees etc. It was pretty full on during the cyclone and Glen was a little nervous to say the least. I was stuck in Sydney waiting till it was safe to fly back hehehehe The dogs got to spend a night inside the bathroom and ever since the cyclone Bear runs inside when there is a breath of wind or some rain hahahaha..

Bees in Summer

Quite often here in the Summer time bees start swarming and looking for new places to live, im not sure why, does anyone know? The bees start swarming and laying down roots in the crapiest of places. We know you shouldn’t kill bees so we are very mindful of no bees getting hurt in the removal process. Glen had his beekeepers outfit on lol They come into the kitchen a lot, into bathrooms of fales, on walls, any open cavity they start their hive!

Kitesurfing in the Summertime

Most of you know that Glen had surgery at the end of last year so hasnt been able to kitesurf yet…so as you can imagine I felt the need to make up for it and have kitesurfed my butt off! Hahahhaha we had a lot of SE winds which is not normal in the Summer time. I have been trying out Glens new 10m Edge in 14 knots and wowsers! Its bloody fabulous. The Cyclone changed the entire point so there is a new sandbar that goes into the lagoon and let me tell you UNREAL!!!!

This crazy gal started trying tricks again after 8 years of not bothering.. hahaha dont say it …you can teach an old dog new tricks! Finally I have done a backroll and landed it. I do not land it more often than not but hey I am looping and everything hahahahahahaa its so unintentional but whatever 🙂 Seriously I am just loving the new lagoon and sand layout. It has moved quite a bit since the cyclone but there is still so much sand …I do feel bad for all the coral as there isnt much left!


Well you should see what Glen has done now…a couple of years ago he set up the man cave and the garden next to it. That garden is for things that grow quickly and will be used once such as lettuce, cabbage etc as it gets hit badly in cyclones so nothing survives (oh except rocket…ummmm it just regrew …who knew) We also have a hydroponics garden next to our house which has been producing fabulous veges for a year now however the tent flew off in the cyclone so the veg suffered somewhat. Its all regrowing now and up and running again.

So what I wanted to tell you about Glens new garden out the back of the resort…HOOOOLIE DOOOOLIE the man has a green thumb! We have enough capsicum and eggplant and cucumber and courgette to feed a small army! Holy Cow he is amazing! Everyday it just looks greener and larger hahahahahaha…the rains finally kicked in and filled up our water tanks too which is good we now have 20000litres of drinking water again. He has got a seperate area for Tomatoes so we are really trying to get that up and running this year. And we have got another tent we are about to set up with more hydroponics out there…its safer in cyclones hahahahaha. We have had a slug problem with the veges and unfortunately the only shop you can buy things from here doesnt have any slug repellant. So what did we do? We googled it of course…and then proceeded to collect about 8 buckets of seaweed and placed it around the base of the plant. That has all but fixed our slug issue.

New Buildings

Well the time has come for Glen and i to build something new here @ Kitesurf Tonga

We have been here by ourselves in the Summer for quite a while so we thought we would take the opportunity and create a new outdoor area. We will definitely be expanding on it as we go but you can see the basics!


Glen and I have been keeping up with all the news on the virus and are all ready for isolation lol. We are so remote and isolated already that there is no problem there. At the moment Tonga has closed its borders. It is forever changing and we are keeping up to date. I do worry a little if we get cut off from the world if our supplies will dry up but we do have our own massive garden full of goodness and a wild boar or two 🙂

So we are wishing to all to be healthy, safe and happy!!! We hope to see you soon everyone!

Glen and Kaz