Kitesurf Tonga has started this season with a bang! A group of 10 from Nelson were just fabulous to have out to stay with us. They had most days windy whilst they were here and took a day trip to Uonuku too. We had a great time with the whole group and it was just amazing to see our resort full 🙂 Going up to the point daily and seeing everyone having a blast on the water was just a dream come true. We have done it. We are finally up and running a small little kitesurfing resort in one of the hardest places to set up a business. We are finally doing it …making our dreams real and having guests to share it with is just a lifetime experience.

Lofa (our 7 month old puppy) is hilarious…getting used to all the new people arriving..barking at the men..loving the women 🙂 He takes a couple of days and then he is just all over everyone. He has now gone from guard dog of the resort to kite dog. He will not stay around the resort whilst he knows everyone is up at the point. He takes himself up to the point quite often so as to not get left behind. He even stopped waiting for his breakfast if the group went up early! He has also developed a fetish for riding in the boat. If he knows glen is going somewhere he jumps straight in so he doesn’t get left behind.

Boti and Ane are now with us most days..Boti helps out with the boat and other maintenance and Ane helps with the washing up and cleaning the fales. On occasion they bring Kasi and Mofua their kids on the weekends who help their parents with various jobs. I am finding cooking all day everyday a little bit hard..I will be baking five loaves of bread a day, making museli, yoghurt, cakes, lunches and dinners. Cooking for ten is not the same as cooking for four..not when you have to bake 🙂 I got a break from cooking dinner for two nights as a lovely guest cooked for all of us. Sara’s cooking is amazing!! I loved the break and getting cooked for 🙂 YUM!I have managed to get out for a few kites though which is great…exhausting but great.

We next had some Aussies over for a few weeks and some more peeps from NZ. Full house again and great company. Everyone is so exhausted from kitesurfing all day everyday that most are in bed by 8.30 🙂 The wind has stopped for two days since we opened which is a great start to the season. I love the diversity of people we are getting here. Makes conversation so interesting around the table at nighttime.

Earthquakes @kitesurf tonga- we have had two whilst the guests have been here…and glen and i didn’t feel either of them. Each morning the guests would come into the common fale and say did you feel that earthquake last night…I respond with ummm no you sure you weren’t dreaming? but then another guest comes in and says the same..oh well..we do live in one of those places where these things occur alot.

kitesurf tonga More and more guests arrive daily/weekly…mostly from NZ and a few from oz. The wind has not stopped…seriously it just keeps on coming. We have been to Uonuku (best kitesurfing south pacific destination ever) again, well i haven’t gone along, but the guests all had an amazing time. We even found a pig to have a pig on the spit which Boti cooked just beautifully. Lofa was ecstatic to have all the pork bones 🙂

We have got a fence built along fale five to the kite shed now & finally we have started the fence around the vege patch! whoop! now we just need some rain to wet the poor soil. We are expecting some soon. It has been so long that we ran out of drinking water for the guests so have been ferrying water across from pangai whenever we go over. Okay it was awhile since i wrote that and still no substantial rain. I guess we have had more than last year so far but it really is looking a bit dim! There is more rain on the radar whether or not it will hit here is another story. My pumpkins are really needing a bit of H2O!

I had a bit of a sad experience recently…lofa ate my chicken, minnie. I was so devastated i yelped and yelled for Glen. I think the guests were a bit unnerved by my primal cry out but i loved that chicken. She was with me from the beginning and was onto her second round of chicks 🙁 I don’t know what prompted lofa to eat her and he hasn’t done it again..i don’t think..we have lost a lot of chickens around but they are coming back slowly but surely…Charlene and Shazza have just given birth to another eight each. I am not going to get attached to the new crew.. Lofa was also attacked by a random dog one night…poor lofa ..his ear is a bit worse for wear and he has severe bruising on his neck where the dog was trying to drag him away. I jumped up from the dinner table screaming my lungs out…again scaring the guests..and found lofa being dragged by the neck down to the beach. I yelled at the other dog but he didn’t let go and he got a swift kick to the belly and then ran away. Not a great interruption to dinner but hey i am rather protective of my animals 🙂

We were quiet for two nights recently here at kitesurf tonga and only had two guests…so glen and i decided to take a night off and head over to Haapai beach resort for a meal and drinks. Always an adventure and our guests loved the experience. I really loved the experience and all the vodka 😛

We are looking to have another pig on the spit here at kitesurf tonga in a couple of weeks for Glens bday. The big 40 is approaching 🙂 We are going to be full on that night..twelve adults…eeek!!!!!!!!

Last night we had a very interesting game of poker – island style! There were eight of us playing…and for chips we had to use nuts, bolts, nails, washers…20TOP into the pot for each person and away we went. Alan was the ultimate winner! Second up was Glen 🙂

Anyways enjoy the pics of all our groups so far! My camera is not operational at the moment so i am relying on our guests for our blog. Enjoy the pics and come and kitesurf Tonga with us soon! The kitesurfing is amazing, the people are just fandidlytastic, the food is divine (of course) and the fales are SUPERB hehehehehehe 🙂