We have been looking for & collecting things and recyclable building materials for our beautiful island resort. We are going to be a sustainable accommodation so that we dont make too much of a mark on Uoleva, Ha’apai, the Kingdom of Tonga.

Recycled timber – collecting things

It’s a really fabulous feeling looking at all the recycled wood that we have gathered!! We gathered 1000 m of wood & visited demo yards and bought all the windows and doors for your amazing Fale’s. No two windows or doors are the same! Now we need to start removing all the nails from this wood…… Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

Trip to clear the land

I am off to Tonga in a few days time so that we can start clearing the underbrush on the land! Stay tuned for updates and photos! Karen will stay and continue Collecting things!

Collecting things, Flight into haapai, Tonga

Collecting things, Flight into haapai, Tonga