Howdy World! Welcome to another Kitesurf Tonga blog, before we chat about woodwork kiting and more… its only been 6 months since the last one, eeek! Glen and i went on holidays for 3 months in the off season so the blog is late 😉 For those of you wondering we went to South America. Our plans got changed a bit whilst we were away and we ended up visiting Chile, Argentina, America, Thailand and Oz. We are already making plans for the next holiday as our lovely housesitters want to come back for a 3rd time. I think they love it 🙂 We love that they love it hahahahhahaha,

We opened a little late this year, April 10th with our first guests arriving to some fabulous wind. The wind has basically blown since then and has only stopped for 3 days…we had no guests for those 3 days hahahaha so no one missed out 🙂 We are looking forward to a nice windy season. For those of you that havent seen our video for Kitesurf Tonga check it out KITESURF TONGA VIDEO

Staff @ Kitesurf Tonga for 2019

We have the fabulous Daniel with us this year to assist with our watersports activities.  Daniel is IKO certified and is going great guns with all the lessons so far this year.  Three cheers for Daniel HURAH HURAH HURAH! We are so happy Daniel has joined our merry little team here in Tonga this year.  We met Daniel last year when he did some WOOFing with us for a month.  Daniel made such an impression we asked him to come back and work with us which lucky for us he agreed.  Daniel is a very helpful soul and is just a great asset to have around.  Welcome!

Next up we have our chef, Sam the man! Sam is from NZ and started with us at the start of May.  Sam owns a cafe and is no stranger to the kitchen.  Sam always has a smile for everyone and is Mr Creativity in the kitchen.  His ciabattas are mighty fine and he can sure rustle up some amazing food.  We are overjoyed to have Sam on our team this year.  Thanks for joining us Sam and welcome to island life 🙂 Sam’s partner is also able to join him for 3 months this year, Alesha, who will be helping out with housekeeping and washing up, yay team!

Paea is still here helping out with all things around the place, building, cleaning the grounds, watersports, you name it Paea can do it.  Its a pleasure working with Paea and we are very happy he is joining us for his second year running.  Thank you Paea and welcome back!

I dont really need to introduce myself and Glen – we are the long term fixtures here at Kitesurf Tonga.  Glen and i are happy to welcome you all to another season here at Kitesurf Tonga – 2019.  Its our 5th year open this year…wow…we have come a long way.


Last year we built the new man cave and a new garden…the plants got hammered in cyclone season so we have put it all back together and are growing loads of things again.  We are still going with our hydroponics set up too and its all working well.  We have our first banana tree flowering! YEEEHAH! BRING IT ON! and guess what??? its the banana tree we planted 5 YEARS AGO! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! hilarious…the little thing has been through many storms, droughts and its finally flowered.  I couldnt believe it when i saw it. We have about 30 other banana trees that will most likely fruit this year too but nothing will ever top this 5yo beauty 🙂 Our pumpkin vine has been in the garden for about 3 years i think, maybe 4.  It is going crazy this year…i watch the busy little bees pollinating in the morning and then the pumpkins are starting to grow…we have about 6 nearly ready.  Off to a great start! The lime trees flowered this year too after 5 years…started in january however the storms really knocked them sideways…they lost alot of their leaves and struggled…they are recovering now but not fruiting 🙁 oh well…it will fruit again i am sure.  We still have no avocado trees, they all died during the storm.  I am thinking of giving up the idea of ever having avocados…i plant every year…they die every year…humpf.

Maintenance & Woodwork

Since we have been home this year we havent done too much building, not like us i know hehehhe. However, we have built a fabulous new fireplace…go glen go! What a spectacular creation it is! We will get alot of use out of it and no cows will be strong enough to knock it down.  We have also built a new staff/guest toilet & shower.  We have yachties dropping in through the season and we kind of get embarrased asking them to pee behind a bush hahahahahaha.  We have started a bit of a house project too….we decided when we were away that i need an office with a large screen desktop pc…my eyes just arent what they used to be 🙂 Glen has collected 2 very large slabs of wood with some imperfections…they have big splits down them…however a fabulous guest of ours has shown us some amazing talent with woodwork and is making them whole again…wait till you see! so amazing, thankyou Phil! Anyway the idea is to rip out our kitchen and put in an office…with lights….glen…bright lights….hahahhaha sorry inside joke.


Unhook and Lady Louise have been repainted and are in the water ready to go! Glen has got a new ladder for Lady Louise thank goodness! Trying to climb that thing was a nightmare from a short persons perspective 😂

We have had a few moonlight kites this year Daniel tells me! Sunrise kites have been popular too. The whales will be here soon too so its all kicking off here @ Kitesurf Tonga  We still have a few spaces left this season if you are interested in coming along to see us.  Shoot us an email and we can check availability! Looking forward to seeing all our regulars and meeting all our new customers for our 2019 Kitesurf Tonga season. Till next blog….with more woodwork most likely and of course kitesurfing!